Who We Are

Syntaxx Communications

Seasoned Writers With Clinical Experience

Founded in 1997, Syntaxx Communications is an oncology medical communications company focused on delivering medical writing and editing services, medical science liaison (MSL) training, and continuing medical education programs.

We also incorporate medical graphic design to ensure your abstracts, posters, and presentations accurately and succinctly depict your results or desired outcomes.

Mission: To create innovative, accurate, and timely medical communications solutions that aim to help cancer patients live longer or live better

Vision: To become a trusted advisor to clients who promote excellence in cancer care

Medical Writing and Editing Expertise

As a medical communications company, Syntaxx leverages our extensive oncology and medical writing experience to meet your exact needs. We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail and ability to write and refine all medical content. It’s this meticulous attention to detail and stellar medical writing ability that has earned us a 96% publication rate in several top-tier industry and association journals, such as Blood, Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Cancer.

View a select sampling of our client roster and see who trusts us to effectively communicate and address their medical communications needs.

In addition, our management team leverages their industry expertise to promptly address your medical communications needs. All PharmDs with clinical and research experience, we have a unique perspective and understanding of your goals and objectives when interacting with and educating healthcare providers, investigators, and MSLs alike. Some of our credentials include:

  • 26 years of combined experience in clinical research
  • 40 years of combined experience in medical writing and editing
  • 15 years of combined experience in continuing medical education programs/conferences
  • Full ACPE accreditation status since 2002