What We Do

Syntaxx Communications

Oncology Medical Communications Services

Reporting the results of positive studies is exciting and engaging. But, what if your study results are negative? The medical community still needs to know and incorporate these findings into their decision-making processes.

Or you have exciting study results to report, but English is not your first language.

Good news, whatever the case, we have you covered. Let us help you create a polished manuscript or presentation that impresses your colleagues worldwide.

Syntaxx: Your Trusted Medical Communications Advisor

At Syntaxx, we take the time to listen to your needs and truly understand your goals. We want you to succeed and gain respect from colleagues and peers within the medical community and healthcare industry while we remain behind the scenes. Your success remains our top goal.

We partner with you to find innovative and/or effective strategies that ensure you meet your medical communications goals. Drawing upon our extensive clinical oncology and medical writing experience, we turn your finished product into a masterpiece. The proof is in the numbers; we possess a 96% publication rate in top-tier journals.

Targeted Messages = Increased Engagement

Communication remains essential to effectively sharing your medical insight and findings. How you choose to communicate and the tools with which you deliver your message depends on your desired outcome. We apply innovative and engaging methods that draw listeners and learners into an active learning process, ensuring that the key messages reach and stick to their target.

As part of your team, we work with you to refine the overall message and determine the best medium to share your knowledge. If appropriate, we incorporate medical graphic design and technology solutions that bring your messages to life.

We leverage our extensive clinical, research, and writing experience to produce finished products that communicate clear, concise, consistent, and correct messages. Let us help you develop an effective and lasting oncology medical communications strategy.

Education Resources for the Medical Community

Our oncology medical communications expertise isn’t just for writing manuscripts and creating presentations. We also serve as a trusted resource for pharmaceutical companies, industry associations, medical organizations, and healthcare professionals who want to develop Medical Science Liaison (MSL) training materials and/or continuing medical education programs.

With each training material or continuing medical education program, we focus on making the content interactive, engaging, and easy-to-comprehend by applying innovative solutions that clearly communicate the desired information. Our continuing medical education programs remain unbiased and uncommercialized, while our Medical Science Liaison (MSL) training programs equip MSLs to communicate effectively and comfortably with their target audiences.

For customized coursework or speaker training, we offer our eLMS (eLearning Management System) for 24/7/365 access from any location.