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As an oncology medical communications company, we are focused on delivering medical writing and editing services to support the clinical drug development process, including, but not limited to clinical research documents, medical congress materials, journal publications, advisory board/focus groups/investigator’s meeting content, medical science liaison training materials, websites, and electronic newsletters. Discover how our innovative solutions can meet your medical communications needs.

Oncology Experience

Our passion and expertise – oncology!

Industry Knowledge

Our goal – ally healthcare professionals with industry partners.

Technology Innovation

Our aim – apply technologies that customize messaging for target audiences.

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Our objective – get it right the first time!

What Our Clients Say

“The Syntaxx team has the market perspective, medical background, and technical know-how to develop impactful publications. They are experts in Oncology, enabling them to add significant value as they understand the context and landscape of this challenging and dynamic therapeutic area. Year after year they deliver quality work with superior customer service and turnaround times to meet the most aggressive deadlines. I highly recommend the Syntaxx team!”

Stephanie Petrone
Navigate Clinical

“Syntaxx is easy to work with and a great partner! They anticipate our needs and always seem to be thinking ahead. Their teams have a great pulse on what’s going on in the marketplace and how that translates into our strategy.”

Rebecca Sims