Learning Management System

Equipping Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) to consistently and effectively deliver the right message to the right person requires a 
comprehensive training program. Providing continuously updated, comprehensive, accurate, yet engaging and interactive training 
content can be challenging. Fortunately, Syntaxx Communications is one-step ahead.

Our in-depth clinical and research experience combined with our background in educating and training healthcare professionals 
uniquely qualifies us to create MSL training materials. These materials prepare MSLs for success in the field. We 
teach MSLs what they need to know as well as how to appropriately present the material to a variety of target audiences.

With each training material, we focus on making the content interactive, engaging, and easy-to-comprehend by applying innovative 
solutions that clearly communicate the desired information.

At Syntaxx, we understand that you may have a need for all or only select components of our medical science liaison training services/capabilities. We can contribute to as much or as little of the process as needed. This means that we can:
  • Create and/or deliver content (interactive or traditional) in a variety of formats, including but not limited to:
    • Disease state dossiers
    • Drug dossiers
    • Slide presentations
    • Problem-based learning activities
    • Role-play and/or gaming content
  • Develop and/or present learning materials (interactive or traditional)
    • Live training
    • Home-study training
  • Work with teams or provide independent MSL education
For customized coursework, we offer our eLMS (eLearning Management System) for 24/7/365 access from any 

Syntaxx leverages today’s innovative technology to give select oncology healthcare professionals access to your custom training materials. We house your materials in a guaranteed secure environment.

Branded with your company or product logo and colors, your custom eLMS can store a variety of items to make it an indispensable 
resource. Below you’ll find a sampling of what your custom eLMS could include:

Custom Oncology Training Programs


  • Independent self-study materials
    • PowerPoint™ presentations (interactive or standard)
      • Audio
      • Video
    • Written documents
      • Customized drug/ disease state reviews
        • Interactive chapter / section reviews
      • Previously published materials
        • Articles
        • Abstracts
        • Posters
        • Platform presentations
      • Learning tools/aids

Oncology Training Resources / Documents


  • Quizzes
    • Multiple-choice questions
    • True/false questions
    • Matching
    • Label the image
  • Management reports
  • Competency tracking
  • User statistics

eLMS Training and Resource Library

Whether accessing it from their desktop, mobile device, or tablet, users gain access to detailed course materials and a comprehensive library.

Speaker or Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Training participants enjoy the ability to view and download:

  • Interactive backgrounders/reviews
  • Interactive slide decks
  • Links to training documents or resources, including but not limited to:
    • Existing training materials
    • Precourse handouts
    • Course handouts
    • References
    • Websites

All courses, documents, and slides stored in the library are indexed and searchable. They can be updated in real time. We will notify course participants when updates are available. You can also build your own slide deck from multiple slides or decks within the system. You can also communicate with all course participants, print customized reports, and edit/add users.

See how eLMS works

Administrator Access

As an administrator, you gain immediate access to course activities and statistics. This enables you to instantly know where all course participants stand and what items specific participants have yet to complete.

How do users gain access to our custom eLMS?
We simply provide you a URL that you place on your site. When users click on that link, they are redirected to your custom eLMS.
Is our eLMS secure?
Yes, this is our highest priority! We have applied all standard Internet protocols and practices to ensure your database and access remains secure.
Can we brand our eLMS?
Yes, you can add custom brand images, logos, or colors.
Who has access to the system?
You control who has access to your eLMS – open to everyone or restrict access to all/specific users (eg, course participants, course instructors, course administrators).
What recurring/revolving fees are involved to keep the courses live?
There are no monthly fees, only an annual Web hosting fee.
How long do users have access to the expired courses?
There are no monthly fees, only an annual Web hosting fee.
Are the coursework and administrative reports downloadable? Printable?
Yes, both items are downloadable and printable. You do have the option to restrict the ability to download or print all/select course materials.
Is there a "preview mode" for course administrator to access/review the files before they "go live?"
Yes, you can assign permission to people who need to review and/or approve the course material and content before the course goes public.